About Shannon

Shannon Meske is a singer/songwriter born, raised, and based in Los Angeles, and began her formal training at the age of four. She currently has over 20 years of vocal training and formal voice experience, as well as over 10 years of professional performance experience, and can accompany herself on four different instruments. Shannon Meske, also, has experience in YouTube, Film and TV, live theatre, as well as sync. You can hear her voice featured as the lead soprano vocalist for the short film “Grummy,” by Micheline Pitt, as well as online on several social media platforms. She is currently working on various musical projects including an EP to be released in 2022, a children’s album, and works freelance for hire as a songwriter and vocalist.  Shannon’s vocal range is expanse, and has sung from pop to country to soul to EDM and most genres in between. For more information on hiring or private voice lessons, please see below for a vocal reel, as well as contact information.

“Every time I say we’re going to see teacher Shannon, her face just lights up”

-customer review

Want to collaborate?

For inquiries and pricing, please contact: smeske@gmail.com

“She leads one of our most popular music classes and is universally adored. She is so musically talented, both with multiple instruments she plays, but also with her silky gorgeous voice.”

-client review

“Love Me So”

Released February 14th, 2023, “Love Me So” is Shannon Meske’s debut EP. Conceptually, the EP started in 2013, when the majority of the songs were written. At the advent of the pandemic in 2020, Meske decided to re-work the songs she had written in high school through the lens of a woman nearly a decade older. After three years of work, the EP was released and can be streamed on all major music streaming platforms.

Other Released Music

“Find My Way Home” is Shannon Meske’s debut single, released in 2022, this song explores themes of grief and loss, and finding oneself.

You can also find work that has been released with Meske as the main songwriter and vocalist (see link below)


Click below for a vocal sample in video format. Content: “All too well - Mashup”