Performing since 2000. Scroll to see live, virtual, musical, and theatrical performances

Need a vocalist?

Lead or backing, there’s years of experience underneath my belt. Equipped with a home-studio I can send vocals remotely, or can be booked for live studio sessions!

“Are you mad at me?” (Voice acting credit)

Written and directed by Derek C. Mari. Starring Keith Ahlstrom and Alison Parsons. Skip to 3:28 for voice acting credit. What would happen if AI became so self aware

Odd One Out - Featured Performer

Odd one out is YouTube’s number 1 game show, currently averaging over 6 million views per episode. Play along and find the odd man out.

Grummy (2023) - Lead Soprano Vocals

Written and directed by Micheline Pitt and R.H. Norman. Featuring Violet McGraw (Haunting of Hill House)

(Enjoy an eerie yet fantastical sound as you descend into this dark tale)

Want to hear a sneak preview of the score?

“Grummy” (2023) - Vocal Score Preview

Music Videos

Need a performer who can act and sing?

(music video cover of “Zombie” by the Cranberries)

Church Services

From Sunday worship to Celebrations of life.

(Sunday morning worship backed up by the church choir)

Live acoustic sets

Offering keyboard, guitar, or ukulele as well as a broad range of styles and genres to fit every occasion.

(Outdoor and distanced music set)

Children's Music

With a combination of my musical experience, as well as over a decade of experience with kids age 0-17, I have a wide variety of knowledge to perform for every age or a variety of ages.

(45 minute parent and me class featuring live acoustic music performed and sung, musical instruments, and props)

Backing Vocals

Need a performer who can sing and play a role? No problem.

(1940s style Andrews Sisters-esque singing trio for a formal dining experience)

Into the Woods (2022) - Baker’s Wife

Composed by Stephen Sondheim, performed at the Santa Clarita Performing Arts center

The Addams Family Musical (2021,Virtual Quarantine edition) - Alice

Music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa. Each performer filmed their scened individually in front of a green screen from home. Additionally, individual vocals were recorded from home. All components of this musical were edited together.

Bright Star - Mama Murphy (2019)

Written and composed by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell. Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center

Virtual Performances

Let’s just say I’ll do what I need to do to get it done.

(Green screen and technology set-up for The Addams Family musical as seen above)

COVID Performances

No stranger to singing in a mask with COVID regulations to keep in mind throughout the entire process.