Live Performances

(Performances are not limited to the videos shared below, as many of my performances are not filmed)

“Part of your World” live performance

San Francisco, CA

“Good to me” Audrey Assad

Accompanied by a praise band for a church service. Valencia, CA.


Covers for hire, or just for fun

“Vienna” by Billy Joel

“I put a spell on you” by Annie Lennox

Sung and performed by Shannon Meske, makeup by Mara Rouse

“All Too Well” Original Mashup

Original music by Taylor Swift

“Zombie” The Cranberries

Sung and performed by Shannon Meske. Makeup and FX by Mara Rouse

Original Music

Available for streaming on all major music platforms. All lyrics, vocals, and music written and performed by Shannon Meske.

“Find my way home” (2022)

Written and performed by Shannon Meske

Music for hire

Backgrounds ranging from EDM, sync, broadway, pop, to original children’s music and everything in between

“It is well with my soul”

Comfortable and familiar with religious and spiritual environments. Can be accompanied by a track, choir, live instrumentals, or can accompany myself.

Original Children’s music

All lyrics, instrumentals, and music written and performed by Shannon Meske.

© 2022 Meske

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